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In the last couple of years over half of all of the UK gambling revenues were brought by mobile players alone. These figures just point out to the fact that the casino industry is being modernized just as fast as any other technology in the world out there. Thanks to Microgaming, which is always up to speed with the latest updates, British payers now have the opportunity to play anywhere and anytime from the comfort of their own smartphones (from Android  to IPhones, Blackberries to older smartphones, etc.). The old times of carrying around with you your heavy computers are finally over!

Below you can find the list of top UK casino mobile games:

This doesn’t mean that you cannot access your accounts from both your mobile and your PC in the same time. The Microgaming technology is integrated with your desktop version as well, this way you can access both platforms should you with to.

So far, Microgaming is considered to be the leader on the mobile gaming market generating over 300 games and supplying licenses to all of the major gambling companies.

Additionally, Microgaming created a user friendly software for making banking transactions right from your mobile, the player’s privacy and security being its highest priority. GameWire encrypts all the data before it gets stored in a database.

Now let’s get started. Downloading a game to your mobile device is just as easy as downloading any other application out there. Just click the download link provided by the casino and the download should start immediately. After that, simply chose whether you prefer mobile games with real cash or just for fun.

Here you go: slots, blackjack or video poker can now all be uploaded onto your smartphone.

Below are some of the key things to know about the top UK mobile casino games:

Mobile Slots

The most important thing to be aware of when playing slots is that all of them, whether you are on your mobile or physically present, must show their “return to player” numbers. The percentage will indicate how much the slot machine will pay out on average to the player as opposed to keeping the profit in the house (out of thousands of games per say).

Mobile Blackjack

It is true that the traditional blackjack table has its unique energy fired by the highly charged characters that are all gathered at it to ultimately reach the same goal. Some British players are so used to that atmosphere that they are initially skeptical about a mobile version of the game. On the other flip of the coin, usually the tables are oftentimes overcrowded with some unpleasant characters whom one has no choice but accept.

Of course, all the negative sides are avoided when playing online or on your mobile. Online casinos also give you the chance to play one-on-one against the dealer so you don’t have to wait for the next shuffle like at the traditional table. Besides, online casinos are also equipped with a random number generator software which guarantees the security and fairness of all numbers.

Mobile video poker

Probably one of the few games out there where the chances of “turning the tables” on the house are very high. This is due to the winning combination of skill, strategy and luck which the player must possess, the first two can be usually acquired in time and with come with some experience.

The most important thing here is finding the right video poker machine beforehand, so that your chances of winning become a lot higher than with any other casino game. Good news is that in such cases the casinos advantage is around one percent, meaning that the machine will pay you back circa 99 cents out of every UK pound.

So these are the main tips that we can share with you.

Keep in mind that luck comes closer to you when you feel good and comfy, so switch to mobile casinos!

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