Live Casinos

Live Casinos are the best thing that Microgaming could come up with. It actually broadcasts real life games from a physical table with human croupiers. This makes the game more real than ever!

Below you will find the list of the best Live Casinos in the UK:

Feeling like you are at a real table

The one downside to an online casino that a British player can find is the fact that it might remove the feeling of playing a game at a physical table. Well, Microgaming got that sorted by introducing the live play into the online casinos world, but in the comfort of your home.

By participating at a live feed with a real croupier, the British players now won’t even spot the difference between the feeling of being at a real table and at an actual online game. Human croupiers will interact directly with the players so the virtual environment is felt as real as ever.

The user friendly layout of the live game allows the British player to place bets as well as collect their winnings the same way as they would at an ordinary online game.

The final outcome of the game is safe

A secondary questionable factor about an ordinary casino was the fact that the final outcome of the game was under question and the British player did not feel safe enough to proceed with these type of games.

Now, Microgaming made it possible for the players to witness the game entirely, from the beginning till the end, as well as interact live with other participants.

Large range of Live casino games

Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Three Card Poker are the most sought out games in the live casinos field within the UK and Mirogaming is increasingly working towards making them available on smartphones as well.

So the last downside to ordinary online casinos where the range of games was so small and the quality was still to be improved is now completely removed.

Thanks to advanced technology, Microgaming managed to fill in all those gaps and make Live Casino Games the most popular on the market right now.

Live Streaming Technology

This is the main cutting-edge system that Microgaming came up with for Live Casino implementation. All the casinos licensed by this provider now offer quick access to a link for a live streaming video. So, although the system in itself was elaborate and took time to develop, Microgaming now made it extremely easy for the British player to use.

Some players even found that by gaining this extra peace and quiet whilst playing they have now surpassed their previous experiences at a physical table. Besides, because the security systems have also improved dramatically the live casino game has become the ultimate experience.

For their special players, some casinos customize their tables in the studios according to the player’s preferences and always offer special bonus programs.

As per the dealers, those are selected with care and must be well trained and prepared for the live casino game and direct interaction with the client. The main target is to make the British player feel cozy and assisted.

In essence, live casinos were created to cover any player’s biggest needs. Isn’t it just amazing to now be able to see how the cards are dealt in from of you or to observe the wheel spun in real time?

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