Extra Spins No Deposit

Microgaming is well known for creating casino games with bonus offers, a vast majority of them being no deposit bonuses. The greatest advantage of those is the fact that the payer can win real money with no risk at all, meaning that you do not have to make any initial deposit before you can start the game.

Below you will find the refined list of all the top Extra Spins No Deposit casinos in the UK:

A few conditions are required though:

A little confused? Let’s start from the very basics:

Extra Spins explained

In essence a Extra Spin means that you can spin the reels on a slot without paying for it yourself. When you click the “Spin” button no money will be charged from your account. Those Extra Spins are credited to the player by the casino itself.

No Deposit Extra Spins explained

The difference between the ordinary Extra Spins and the No Deposit Extra Spins is that with the first one you will have to make a deposit first in order to be able to start playing (for example you deposit 50 Pounds and the casino will give you 200 Extra Spins); with the second one this first deposit from your side is omitted as you will receive this amount from the house as a welcome bonus.

Oftentimes, you will get such free no deposit bonuses from the UK casino as a present for your loyalty or simply as a form of encouragements for new players. The amounts offered are usually relatively small so the casino’s do not actually mind offering them on a regular basis. All you have to do to get the process started is create an account with the casino.

Any real money winnings will be added to your account immediately. As mentioned above, pay attention to those wagering requirements.

What’s the catch?

Ahh, it’s all about those wagering requirements. Of course the casino must secure itself before you can win large amounts of money without even depositing a penny of your own cash.

Wagering = the number of times you will have to spin through your winnings before you can actually withdraw the entire amount (for example if you are offered 50 Extra Spins, you already won 70 Pounds and the wagering requirements are x10, you will have to keep playing with those 70 quid until you spun through 70x10=700 Pounds; only then you will be able to withdraw the remaining amount.

Of course, these requirements are applied if you lose the 70 Pounds before you hit the 700 Pounds wagering. When playing with your real money you will not have to wager through them and all the winnings that you get will be just yours.

These conditions vary from one casino to another, some of them do not apply any wagering. Usually, the casinos that do give you the chance to withdraw your winnings immediately via their no deposit Extra Spins are the ones with more of a long term outlook on the player. These casinos tend to “invest” in their clients and believe in their loyalty in the long run.

Either way, regardless of any casino’s terms and conditions, it is always great to have the opportunity to just play a game with no investment at all!

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